Christian Ammann - Engineering and Research
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I am an engineer, researcher and passionate about technology. I work as a freelancer and have a phd in computer science. You have a problem regarding software development or embedded systems? I can help you with that.

Christian Ammann

Curriculum Vitae

I am a freelancer and can help you in various domains. This involves software development, reverse engineering, embedded systems, consulting, mobile applications and project management. You can find details about my latest projects, expertise and education in the CV section.


Basically, I am interested in all kinds of low level hard- and software development. From time to time, I reverse an interesting binary, solder something on my retro gaming consoles or write a piece of software. Articles about the results can be found in my blog.


I am the author of Hyperion which is an open source PE encryption tool. It can be used for binary obfuscation and implements techniques like bruteforcing its own AES key. This page provides Hyperion's source code and articles which describe the implementation details.